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The Overpopulation Podcast features enlightening conversations between Population Balance Executive Director Nandita Bajaj, cohost Alan Ware, and expert guests. We cover a broad variety of topics that explore the impacts of our expanding human footprint on human rights, animal protection, and environmental restoration, as well as individual and collective solutions.

Nov 12, 2019

Is motherhood an essential part of womanhood? Some think so, and it might surprise you how much societal pressure remains today for women to have children. Mothers hope for, and some pressure their children to give them) grandchildren. Friends ask newlyweds when they’re going to “start a family” (aren’t the newlyweds already a family?). Even the attitudes of some medical professionals can lack sophistication. Some couples make the decision to have children as an automatic default – just the next step in life.

“No one congratulates you, for not having kids.”

 – Maxine Trump

Maxine Trump gave this decision much more careful and thorough consideration. She documents this in her new film, To Kid or Not to Kid. The filmmaker shares her thoughts and observations on the subject with the World Population Balance team.

To Kid or Not to Kid opens in theatres in New York and Los Angeles on November 15, 2019. Maxine Trump will appear at the screening November 15 in New York, joined by special guest Leilani Munter, the famous childfree race car driver, and with Kevin Shane of the Male Contraceptive Initiative. She’ll appear at an LA screening November 18, with My Favorite Murder podcast host Georgia Hardstark and childfree author of The Baby Matrix, Laura Carroll. The film will also screen in Toronto on November 28.

The PBS Independent Lens YouTube channel is also launching a web series with Maxine Trump, Should We Kid or Not?, on November 15.

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